Strategic Plan

President's Office

LaGuardia 2017-18 Strategic Plan


Objective A.1.1: LaGuardia will enhance the use of online learning and other digital technologies to support student learning and success.

Target Lead (Partner)
A.1.1.a: Increase the # of FTEs offered online from 6.2 to 7.2 AA,IT,SA
A.1.1.b: Upgrade and enhance wireless connectivity throughout the campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to allow for multiple devices to be connected to campus LAN and internet by procuring 183 wireless access points, replacing 128 existing WAPs with new ones, and running 90 new locations for WAPs. IT
A.1.1.c: CTL programs engage 50 faculty in developing effective pedagogy with digital tools, improve Spring 2018 course completion and next semester retention in target courses by 3%. AA
A.1.1.d: Improve student ePortfolio experience by rolling out new interface to 8,000 students college-wide. Work with 10 majors and more than 1,200 students to develop and test a sustained ‘core’ ePortfolio process, designed to support advisement, assessment, integrated learning, and student success. AA
A.1.1.e: Expand digital badges to 3-5 programs in established categories (Ambassador, Career Readiness, Leadership, Peer Mentorship, and Experiential Learning) to build student engagement in co-curricular activities aligned with career development and Core Competencies and Abilities. AA,SA
A.1.1.f: Create an online course in Adult and Continuing Education ACE
A.1.1.g: Support integration of new Continuing Education (CE) website section with the main College website and update and maintain site in order to recruit and retain students and partners. Monitor use of new site based on Google Analytics and establish benchmarks going forward to use as a point of comparison. IA
A.1.1.h: Completed renovation of Poolside Café, and completed installation and testing of classroom lighting updates. ADM

Objective A.2.1: LaGuardia will increase Graduation Rates

Objective A.2.2: LaGuardia will ensure that students make timely progress toward degree completion

Objective A.2.3: LaGuardia will Strengthen Advisement, First Year Experience, and other Alignment initiatives

Target Lead (Partner)
A.2.3.a : Improve advising to increase student momentum toward degree by 3% over baseline (TBD). Develop and test Momentum and Tracking indicators for recommended student actions along the path. AA,SA (IT,IA)
A.2.3.b: Refine the Advisement 2.0 model to establish baseline for operational effectiveness, as measured by # of student advisement visits and % of students who complete follow up actions (SMART goals). Provide professional development for 3 Wave I departments and expand to Wave II to serve over 6000 students. AA,SA (IT,IA)
A.2.3.c: Increase the number of non-credit students transitioning to credit programs by 3% from 963 to 992. ACE (SA,AA,IA)
A.2.3.d: Maintain at least 10% increase in next semester retention for FYS students by strengthening the First Year Experience and First Year Seminar. Take the necessary steps in 2017-18 (related to room scheduling and staffing) needed to increase # of eligible students served in 2018-19 by 10 percentage points (baseline 70%). AA (SA,IT)
A.2.3.e: Maintain a 50% or higher participation rate in new student orientation/My First Day. SA (AA)
A.2.3.f: Enhance and extend Student Engagement System (SEMS) to enable student success networks. Integrate Advisement with 2.0 Momentum and Tracking Indicators, ePortfolio/Grad Plan, and C2C. IT (AA,SA)
A.2.3.g: Pilot CUNY's upgrade to current version of DegreeWorks to make DegreeWorks more useful to students, faculty, and peer and staff advisors. Reduce lag time between student registration and faculty grading data load to Degree Works to be near real-time and reliable. Make degree progress and planner data accessible in local applications. IT (AA,SA)
A.2.3.h: Use Google Analytics to measure and monitor differences between old and new site in all key usage indicators to measure improvements to the public website and its ability to increase enrollment, awareness of new advisement model and First Year Experience, retention, graduation, and community partnership and workforce development opportunities. IA
A.2.3.i: Increase physical campus visits by 30% and yield rate by up to 20% via development and implementation of a Website Virtual Tour. IA

Objective A.3: CUNY will facilitate taking courses on e-permit

Objective A.4: LaGuardia will prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate programs



Objective C.1: CUNY will increase enrollment in STEM majors, with emphasis on increasing participation of women and minorities.

Objective C.2: CUNY will make pragmatic experiential learning a signature component of a CUNY education.

Objective C.3: LaGuardia will strengthen the connection between college learning experiences and the evolving labor market.

Objective C.4: LaGuardia will improve student learning and the development of the skills needed for 21st career and educational success by engaging Outcomes Assessment processes related to its Core Competencies and Communication Abilities.

Target Lead (Partner)
C.4.1: Assess student learning and development for each Core Competency and Ability and use data to drive professional development and curricular change through mini-grants and seminars serving 150 faculty, staff, and peers. AA (SA)
C.4.2: Improve performance on the Global Learning Core Competency, preparing students for the global workplace and global citizenship, through 10 Mini-Grants and seminars engaging 50 faculty as measured in targeted benchmark readings. AA
C.4.3: Assess and improve global learning in Education and Language Acquisition, Humanities, and Social Science, as measured through revised curriculum maps and student work based on global learning assignments. AA
C.4.4: Prepare 5 programs for PPR's: ELA: Education Options; Business & Technology: Paralegal Studies; English: Journalism, Creative Writing; Theater; Engineering: Civil, Electrical, & Mechanical. AA (IT)
C.4.5: Conduct PPRs for 5 programs: Biology; Environmental Science; Veterinary Technology; Liberal Arts; Philosophy. AA (IT)
C.4.6: Support implementation of year one PPR recommendations and enhanced Core Competency and Ability learning for 5 programs with mini-grants: Computer Operation: Network Admin and Security Option, Computer Science, Computer Technology, and Programming and Systems programs, Radiologic Technology. AA (IT,ADM,IA)

Objective C.5: LaGuardia will increase (or maintain high) pass rates on professional licensure exams


Objective D.1: CUNY will invest in and support its faculty's knowledge creation, research, creative activities and innovation as engaged scholars, teachers and members of the community.

Objective D.2: CUNY will implement new strategies to build greater diversity in the faculty.


Objective E.1: CUNY will adopt best business practices; redesign business processes and streamline administrative functions.

Objective E.2: CUNY will advocate for investments from our funding partners, public and private.

Objective E.3: CUNY will expand capacity by making more efficient use of CUNY's facilities; rely on technology to meet enrollment demands.